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August 13th, 2017

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恒中环保学会是一个培养恒毅中学学生对环 保的认识以及照顾校园整洁的学会。本学会的活动包括了分类垃圾,打扫校园, 修剪花草,以及其它同类型爱护环境活动。本学会也会在学校的每项活动站岗。例如当学校运动会时,本学会会排出会员到该场所把老师和学生所饮用完的塑料瓶带回学校分类以及把该场地的垃圾收拾干净。

The Heng Ee High School Environment Club is a club that teaches students about environmental awareness and help to caring for the campus clean. Our club activities include the classification of garbage, clean campus, cut flower, and also other similar environmental care activities. Our society also duty on each function in the school. For example, on school sports day, the members of the club will collect all empty drinking bottle that drank by teachers and students and pack back to school to classify them other than that the members also will help to clean up the venue.




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